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Social responsability and environmental practices

Since the coffee is picked manually, Capetillo generates many jobs for the local population and other Guatemalans from the countryside who come to work during the six-month harvesting season.

Capetillo is continuously thriving to ensure good working conditions for its labor force, as well as providing housing, healthcare and educational infrastructure. It owns and runs a school founded in 1942 and offers free primary school education for 150 children of both the farm’s employees and the neighboring town.

Recognized by the country’s national education system, the school allows students to continue secondary school studies after finishing primary school in Capetillo. There is also a program to teach the schoolchildren how to use computers and different software programs, providing an educational level at modern standards.


Capetillo generates many jobs for the local population and other guatemalans from the countryside during the harvesting season.



Capetillo has taken a leadership role in the practice of environmentally-friendly standards, such as the conservation of water; our well water used in the processing mill is cleaned and recycled in the farm. The farm has also been very active in preserving the natural environment surrounding the plantations. As a result of the combination of coffee trees and shade trees, the farm is a living forest in its over 300 hectares dedicated to coffee.


Capetillo owns 185 hectares of  a protected, natural, and virgin forest reserve on the slopes of the Fuego Volcano


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